Coaching & Consultation With One Of Our Loving Nannies Storks

  • Initial 30 minute phone call

  • 60 minute home visit 

  • Follow up email with product recommendations  

  • 30 minute phone call to discuss products 

  • Personalized family plan 

  • 2 hour post postpartum home visit 

  • Will be available by phone for questions/concerns

Our Storks have years of experience, will listen to your needs, expectations and concerns about your new baby or babies! They will guide you through this exciting time in your life. They will work alongside you and consider your preferences, to find a system that works best for you. Every family is different and your plan should reflect your unique family dynamic.  

Cost: Call 760-943-6866 for a quote

Sleep Training Packages

Sleep training refers to various methods that are used to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own. Not only does sleep training help with bedtime, it also helps babies get back to sleep without help from you if they wake up in the middle of the night. Today’s parents can choose from several sleep training methods that have worked for many babies. As long as your child’s needs are being met and they are in a safe sleep environment, there is no one correct way to sleep train your baby. Let us help you choose the right sleep training method that fits your family as well as show you the in’s & outs so that you & baby can rest peacefully through the night. 

Cost: Call 760-943-6866 for a quote

Want to give a new mom a great present? Loving Nannies offers gift certificates for newborn nannies, coaching and consultations!