Newborn & Night Nannies

Welcoming a new baby into your home is very exciting, however, it can also be very stressful. When I had my first child, I was so overwhelmed, especially since my insurance only covered 2 days in the hospital. I was not physically or mentally prepared to take on all the home responsibilities, care for my new baby and take care of myself. That is why hiring a newborn care specialist can help you enjoy the birth of your new baby and give you peace of mind that everything, including you is taken care of.

Loving Nannies offers two types of newborn specialists-newborn nannies & postpartum doulas (we call them our “Storks”). Newborn nannies (daytime and overnight hours) are nannies who care for the newborn so the parents can rest. Postpartum doulas help with baby care, household chores, breast feeding assistance, sibling care and more. All Storks have been specially selected by the owner. Prices will depend on the individual nanny, their experience and qualifications. In general, if you are looking for a newborn nanny for twins or triplets or have special needs, prices start around $45/hr.

Newborn Night Nannies: $30-$35/hr, 6 hr minimum, (typical time 8 or 9 p.m. – 6 or 7 a.m.). Prices are higher for twins/multiples and special needs (usually $45-$55/hr)

Our overnight newborn nannies will see to all of your baby’s needs throughout the night so that you can get a good night’s sleep! Most overnight nannies work 4 to 7 nights per week. Our overnight nannies also specialize in caring for multiples! Let our overnight nannies help you so that you can be 100% during the day!

Some duties include:

  • feeding

  • swaddling

  • changing

  • burping

  • rocking

  • soothing

  • preparing bottles

Newborn Day Nannies: $25-$35/hr, 4 hr minimum, (typical time 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Our daytime newborn nannies are perfect for the new mom who needs a little guidance or for the experienced parent who just needs an extra set of hands. Parents can rest, go to doctor’s appointments, spend time with siblings, run errands and get a little much needed rest.

Some duties include:

  • feeding

  • swaddling

  • playing

  • changing

  • preparing bottles

  • rocking

  • soothing

  • bathing

  • sibling care

  • straightening baby’s room

  • errands light housekeeping & laundry

“Doula”, which is Greek for ‘woman who helps woman’ is a non-medical postpartum care provider. Our doulas offer encouragement, support, and practical knowledge to new parents. This person is specially trained to give new mothers the assistance and “mothering” they need.

Postpartum Doulas: $30-$35/hr, 4 hr minimum

Doulas help the new parents with basic baby care skills such as:

  • newborn bathing

  • swaddling

  • circumcision care

  • umbilical cord care

  • breast feeding support

  • diaper changing

  • errands light housekeeping & laundry

The Loving Nannies owner carefully selects experienced newborn care providers. Only those individuals who have extensive newborn experience, current CPR & First Aid, excellent newborn references, a thorough criminal background check and who love babies are accepted.

Loving Nannies requires:

  • Personal Interview

  • Newborn experience

  • CPR & First Aid Certification

  • Excellent newborn references

  • Background check

Overnight Newborn Nanny Fees

For regular newborn nannies that work during the day, we charge our normal placement fees for part time or full time. Click here to see our rates page.

For temporary overnight newborn services,  we charge an upfront application fee of $250 and then 25% of the nanny’s salary, calculated & paid upfront when booking the nanny. As soon as the family books one of our newborn nannies for the dates needed, the family will be charged the placement fee. Most families use an overnight nanny for 1- 3 months (it can be just a few nights/week or 7 nights/week). Every family is different and we can accommodate any time frame (even 24/7 newborn care). While many companies charge a high hourly rate (usually over $65/hour) and then pay the newborn nanny/specialist only a portion of that rate, our nannies charge anywhere from $30-$35/hr and get to keep all their pay (you pay them directly). You also have peace of mind knowing that you will be using the same newborn nanny/specialist for the amount of time you need. Once you book one of our specialists, they are dedicated to starting when you need them and staying for the full amount of time that you’ve booked them.

Call us at (800) 682-8154 to reserve your newborn nanny or just to find out more! Click here to fill out a Family Application to get started.


  • Initial 30 minute phone call

  • 60 minute home visit 

  • Follow up email with product recommendations  

  • 30 minute phone call to discuss products 

  • Personalized family plan 

  • 2 hour post postpartum home visit 

  • Will be available by phone for questions/concerns

Our Storks have years of experience, will listen to your needs, expectations and concerns about your new baby or babies! They will guide you through this exciting time in your life. They will work alongside you and consider your preferences, to find a system that works best for you. Every family is different and your plan should reflect your unique family dynamic.  

Cost: Call 760-943-6866 for a quote

Want to give a new mom a great present? Loving Nannies offers gift certificates for newborn nannies, coaching and consultations!