5 Ways San Diego Nannies Keep Children Learning Over Summer Break

5 Ways San Diego Nannies Keep Children Learning Over Summer Break

The “summer slide” and what it means for your child

You may be asking yourself, what is the “summer slide”? Is it a fun new attraction in San Diego? A rentable toy for a summer birthday party?

Well, it’s not. In fact, the “summer slide” refers to the unfortunate summer learning loss that happens to students during summer break. According to a study, students are experiencing academic regression anywhere from 20 to 50 percent and “losing a greater proportion of their school year gains each year as they grow older.”

I know what you’re thinking. My child could lose 50% of what they learned during the summer break? Now you’re feeling stressed and wondering what you can do. You’re working full-time and don’t have time to plan fun activities AND educate.

Don’t worry. There are many ways you (and your nanny) can encourage learning opportunities that also preserve the skills learned in school.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that summer is about having fun and taking a much-deserved break from school. However, there are many creative ways to avoid losing skills learned while still having fun.

Even if you don’t have your summer nanny hired yet, this article gives some ways to overcome the “summer slide” and keep children learning over the summer break.

How San Diego nannies help children overcome the “summer slide”

1. Reading (and writing) adventures

Summer reading program/book club. Reading just 15 to 30 minutes a day can improve a child’s reading skills. Create a book club or reading program (with rewards) and keep a book in your kid’s hands this summer.

Inspire creativity through writing. Enhance writing skills by creating a scrapbook/journal about their favorite activities during the day. Here’s a bonus; when bedtime comes around, children have a real-life story they can proudly read.

2. Arts, crafts, & games

Board Games. Fun games like Monopoly can teach kids about money. Scrabble can develop vocabulary skills – all while having loads of fun.

Play School. Younger kids love playing teacher. The nanny can be the student in this fun game that keeps the little ones learning. Letting the kids make handmade activity sheets will inspire creativity teaches the importance of preparation.

Craft blogs galore. Every nanny has a variety of fun activities and crafts for kids in their back pocket. If you are looking for more ideas, there are tons of craft blogs to check out.

3. Exploring San Diego

Museums. San Diego nannies continue learning with fun-filled field trips to local museums. Depending on the day, some museums offer free or discounted entry.

Learning through theme parks. Get the kids excited to learn by taking them to a local theme park. For example, Legoland encourages building. Other parks like SeaWorld and San Diego Zoo bring wildlife up close.

Exploring nature. Summer in San Diego means plenty of sunny days. That also means plenty of opportunities to learn from nature. Nannies can turn a day at the park, a hike, or planting a flower into an educational adventure.

4. Learning in the kitchen

Step-by-Step instructions. Cooking is a fun – and yummy – way to learn. Not only does cooking and following instructions teach discipline and patience, but it also shows the importance of healthy eating habits.

Cooking teaches math too. Practicing math problems every day is essential to avoid the “summer slide.” With food, kids can practice their math skills through measurements, counting, and time.

5. Volunteering Opportunities

Beach clean-ups. Never in short supply in San Diego, beach clean-ups can teach children the importance of helping out in the community.

There are many excellent opportunities, including helping at the San Diego Humane Society, volunteering at a museum and more. Check out this article by San Diego Magazine for more volunteering opportunities.

Turn the “summer slide” into summer pride.

The bottom line is: don’t let your child ride the “summer slide” this summer. In other words, don’t allow all the hard work and skills they’ve learned this year go right out the window.

Indulge in all the creative ways you (and your nanny) can make learning fun this summer. If your kids want to try a new sport or learn a new instrument, let them. It’s all about keeping their creative juices going and keeping them on the right track.

While parents are at work, San Diego nannies can keep children entertained, focused, and ready to bring the new skills they learned into the next school year.