San Diego Nanny Jobs Perfect For College Students

San Diego Nanny Jobs Perfect For College Students

You’ve started college, and you’re looking to make some extra cash. But with a schedule that’s changing with each new semester, how are you supposed to find a decent job? Have you tried searching the many San Diego nanny jobs available?

I know what you’re thinking. How can I watch kids and go to school?

Depending on how many units you’re taking, you need extra time for class and homework. And this varies depending on if you’re a part-time or full-time student.

However, even if you’re a full-time student, there are still tons of San Diego nanny jobs for you to explore that can fit your schedule. So, here’s just a few reasons why college students should look at San Diego nanny jobs to make some extra cash.

5 Reasons why college students should look for San Diego nanny jobs

1. Flexible schedules

A full-time college schedule can be time-consuming. San Diego nanny jobs provide the luxury of a flexible schedule. Looking to work during the summer? Families in San Diego are always looking for a summer nanny. There are also other flexible schedules in babysitting and newborn specialist jobs.

2. Great Pay

Need some extra cash in your pocket? Maybe you’re struggling to pay for school supplies or those hefty college fees. Either way, college life can be expensive. Becoming a nanny means you can finally afford those extra nights out. Nanny pay rates are excellent in San Diego and depend on the services needed.

3. Work Experience

Most nanny and babysitting agencies do require previous experience working with children. You can always start with family and friends. Gather some references, and you’re set. If you want some work experience under your belt before you graduate, finding San Diego nanny jobs is perfect. You’ll learn brand new skill sets not found working for other jobs to put on your resume.

4. Networking

Not only do San Diego nanny jobs give you new skills for your resume, but also excellent references. It’s a way to build relationships within your community and grow your network.

5. It’s Fun

Who says you can’t have fun while you work? San Diego nanny jobs are exciting, creative, and loads of fun. Just think about it. San Diego nanny jobs mean trips to the beach, hikes in the park, fun games, activities, and toys- lots of toys. You can whistle while you work as a nanny or babysitter- literally.

If you want more reasons, read our article on the perks of being a San Diego nanny.

Become a San Diego nanny or babysitter today

So you’ve decided that you want to work as a nanny or babysitter. Here’s how to find San Diego nanny jobs. Fill out our nanny application. It’s that simple. Once you’ve become qualified through our screening process, we will add you to our database and reach out to you for interviews. In the meantime, make sure you have your resume, references, and certifications (if applicable).

Keep in mind

Similar to the San Diego nanny jobs available, every student is different. Families have their own set of wants and needs. So, not every nanny job is the same. If you’re dedicated to earning some extra money or just looking to get some work experience, finding San Diego nanny jobs may be the right work experience for you.