5 Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

What’s your go-to craft when watching kids? Every nanny (and babysitter) should have at least a few fun kids craft ideas in their back pocket. Luckily, tons of blogs provide insights to keep the little ones busy. A first-time nanny or experienced nanny can find use in these 5 fun and easy craft ideas for kids (and more). So, let’s dive in.

5 Fun and Easy Craft Ideas for Kids


Fun Craft ideas for Kids

Photo by easypeasyandfun.com

1. Book Monsters 

Kids love making silly faces, so why not make reading time fun too? Grab construction paper (or yesterday’s newspaper) and let’s make paper crafts. These fun bookmark monsters from Easy Peasy and Fun are simple and creative.

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Fun Craft Ideas for kids

photo by DIYAdulation.com

2. DIY Mini Pompom Monsters 

These cute mini pompom monsters idea from Marie at DIYAdulation.com is sure to keep the little ones entertained. Few materials needed for this fun craft. We did this craft in under 10 minutes, and the kids loved it!

Marie has more craft ideas on her website here.






Fun Craft ideas for Kids

Photo by redtedart.com

3. Homemade Squishes 

Get creative and make these easy silly homemade squishies from RedTedArt.com. Paper, sponge, or foam options as materials are available.

More home crafts for all ages are located on their website here.






Fun Craft ideas for Kids

Photo by craftsbyamanda.com

4. Painted Rocks 

Become a rock painting artist with 20+ ideas for Painted Rocks from craftsbyamanda.com. Get creative depending on the size and shape of the rocks. Then, set them up as garden decor when done.

Check out craftsbyamanda.com for more craft ideas for kids.




Fun Craft ideas for Kids

Photo by learningandexploringthroughplay.com

5. Last Minute Mother’s Day Crafts

Help the kids surprise mom on Mother’s Day and make something handmade like this Love you to pieces suncatcher card idea!

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MORE fun craft ideas for kids

You can never have enough craft ideas in your back pocket. These 5 fun and easy craft ideas for kids can get your creative juices flowing and keep the little ones happy. Not that creative? Don’t worry! Local and online stores provide pre-made (and cheap) kits available for purchase! Fortunately, Today.com found 8 fun and easy crafts for kids to buy to get you started! Have fun!!