Boost Your San Diego Nanny Resume

Boost Your San Diego Nanny Resume

So you’ve decided to become a nanny. You already know that perks of being nanny and the major qualities of a good nanny. Now, you may be wondering how you can give your San Diego nanny resume an extra boost. Well, you are in luck because we have come up with some  helpful tips to boost your San Diego nanny resume and find that perfect fit.

San Diego Nanny Resume Tips

1) Customize your resume. Use keywords that relate to the type of nanny job that you are hoping to land! Unlike an ordinary resume, it’s recommended that you put your availability right on your nanny resume. Having a flexible schedule is important. However, if you are looking for only part-time, its a good idea to mention it.

2) Get Certified! There are MANY training courses and certifications available that will boost your nanny career and won’t break your bank! Some certifications are recommended and preferred by families before getting hired. These could include CPR and first aid, for example. Remember, always bring proof of these certifications with you to an interview.

3) Make transportation an option. Most families in San Diego will be looking for a nanny that can help with transportation. If you are willing to be an on-the-go nanny, make sure your car registration, drivers license, and car insurance are valid. Don’t forget to state this on your resume. Bringing proof of these documents to an interview can boost your chances of getting the job right on the spot.

4) Update your references. Make sure your nanny (and babysitting) references are updated with contact information and a brief description of all relevant duties. Also, recommendation letters from former families you’ve worked with are a great way to show your skills in a more personal way.

5) List your Skills. Similar to tip #1, it’s important to list all relevant skills when it comes to landing a nanny job. Communication is a top skill that every nanny should put on their resume. Here’s an extra tip – Are you a San Diego expert? Are you familiar with all the fun things to do around San Diego? If so, this could greatly help your chances in landing a San Diego nanny job.

Deciding to become a nanny was the first step

Now, we’ve given you a few pointers to help boost your resume. Remember, nannies have some of the most dynamic and broad job descriptions when it comes to childcare. Families expect different things depending on their child’s needs, but don’t worry.  Thankfully, you’ve picked one of the most rewarding careers because nannies are role models for future generations. YOU GOT THIS!!!


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