Loving Nannies Family Application

Orange County/Los Angeles Family Application and Agreement

Thank you for choosing Loving Nannies to assist in finding your family a nanny. Please take a few moments to read over and sign our Family Application and Agreement. We look forward to finding you a loving nanny!

Loving Nannies Family Application San Diego
Family Name
Family Name
Does either parent work from home?
If Yes
Do you have children with special needs?
May we email you candidate profiles?
May the candidates call you?
Please check all days that are needed for the job
What type of domestic help are you looking for? (check all that apply)
Do you require the nanny to drive?
Do you have a vehicle for the nanny to drive?
If yes, will you provide gas allowance?
Will they be driving to/from school and activities?
Do you require the nanny to speak clear and fluent English?
Additional languages?
Do you require the nanny to have specific credintials?
Please check one
If job is live-in, can she go home on her days off?
Do you require nanny to run errands?
Do you require the nanny to travel?
Is a passport required?
Do you have a pet?
Loving Nannies Service Agreement
I hereby irrevocably agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement as provided in the following Service Agreement.