5 Reasons You Need a Summer Nanny In San Diego

5 Reasons You Need a Summer Nanny In San Diego

Summer is almost here. With the kids soon-to-be out of school, you’re frantically wondering how you’re going to balance work and the kids on summer break. Summer camps typically only last a short time, definitely not all summer long.

Your daily routine is about to be upended.

So, who’s going to help with transportation to and from summertime camps, sports practices, and the multitude of activities that are going to be thrown at you this summer?

Hire a summer nanny in San Diego!!!

You’re in luck because this is the perfect time to start looking for your summer nanny in San Diego!

Summer nannies in San Diego are never in short supply. However, if you wait till the last minute, you might have trouble finding the perfect fit. Most nannies like to know their summer plans ahead of time. With that said, start looking now!

The majority of families start looking in May. So, quickly fill out our family application, and you can be that much closer to hiring your summer nanny

Still not sure if you need a summer nanny? Here are the top reasons why every busy family in San Diego needs to hire a summer nanny.

Top reasons you should hire a summer nanny in San Diego

1. A nanny allows for a flexible summer schedule.

You may have kids who are getting older and want to spend the summer relaxing at home. After all, they deserve a much-needed break from their strict routines.

On the other hand, maybe your kids want to attend that fun summer camp- again. They want to take up baseball or finally, learn how to surf. Perhaps you’re getting some time off work and looking into that mini vacation – without the kids.

Let’s face it. It seems impossible to juggle work, sports practices, play-dates, and any other extracurricular activities to keep your children from boredom. Hiring a summer nanny in San Diego can make that new flexible schedule a real possibility, for yourself and your kids.

2. More time at home means needing the extra household help 

Kids spending more time at home means more messes to clean up. Hiring a summer nanny in San Diego, and one that doesn’t mind helping around the house is a bonus.

Do the kids feel like painting after lunch? Want to build a fort in the middle of the day? Or maybe they feel like exploring a fun new recipe that’s sure to make a mess. No problem. A summer nanny is there to help your little monsters clean up after themselves.

Most nannies do not mind helping around the house. After all, it’s common sense that looking after children also means looking after the home. Just a reminder; make sure to include any household chores in the nanny contract.

3. Believe it or not, a summer nanny is more affordable

We all know that quality childcare can be expensive, but did you know that daycare centers make you pay for the days (or weeks) that your child doesn’t even attend?

Let’s say your child becomes sick and needs to stay at home for a few days. Not only will you need a babysitter but you will also be liable to pay the daycare even though your child was at home.

Hiring a summer nanny in San Diego won’t break the bank. On top of having quality childcare, you’re only obligated to pay for the hours needed. If you’re not sure how much a summer nanny will cost, find out more about nanny pay rates.

4. A summer nanny keeps the creative and educational juices flowing

Everyone knows that summer in San Diego is the perfect time to hit the beach, visit a theme park, and let the little ones explore all the fun things to do in San Diego. However, a summer nanny can help balance the fun in educational ways.

It’s easy for kids to lose everything they retained during the school year. Keeping their minds active, as well as their creativity, is essential (and fun)! Educational games and activities are sure to keep them on the right track. So, hiring a nanny will make the transition from summer fun to back-to-school a little easier.

5. Summer vacations are easier for families with a nanny

Planning a family summer vacation? Wondering how you’re going to be able to get that summer beach tan with the young ones running around?

A nanny can provide much-needed aid for families looking to get away. Whether for a week, two weeks, a month, or all summer long, hiring a summer nanny can put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy that summer vacation- finally.

Remember to plan. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that perfect nanny fit for your ideal summer vacation.

Summer is right around the corner

So much goes into hiring a nanny. But guess what? We provide everything you need. Even if you already have a summer nanny in San Diego in mind, we can help.

Our process of finding the perfect nanny for your family in San Diego (and surrounding areas) has a simplicity factor you won’t find anywhere else.

Let’s face it. You’re basically hiring someone to have all the fun you rather be having. So, hire a summer nanny and open up the endless opportunities of things to do in San Diego for your child (and yourself).