Loving Nannies Available Amid Coronavirus School Closures

Loving Nannies Available Amid Coronavirus School Closures

This flu season has brought on yet another thing for parents to worry about. Coronavirus (aka COVID-19) has been spreading across the Country. In an effort to be cautious, families have been pulling their children out of daycares.  Furthermore, San Diego County has announced that multiple school districts across the County will be closed starting Monday until early April (For an updated list on which districts are closing click here). In light of this news, we at Loving Nannies, understand the strain this can put on the working families of San Diego. However, we are prepared to help!

Loving Nannies has experienced nannies, babysitters, and newborn specialists available (both temporarily or long term) during this time of need. 

Our nannies can supply much-needed support to working families. For parents wanting to continue their children’s education, nannies provide a fun and educational environment.

K-12 & Preschool Teachers, Daycare Workers, Apply Today

All teachers whose schools have been closed are welcome to fill out a nanny application today in order to fill the high volumes of at-home childcare services needed here in San Diego County amid the Coronavirus.

How to Keep Safe

It is recommended that everyone be on the cautious side. Remember to wash your hands regularly, don’t touch your face, and clean and disinfect surfaces frequently used. Using common-sense can help ensure your family can stay protected. For more information and tips from the CDC on how to keep safe click here.

If you are in need of childcare services, fill out a family application today! If you are in need of immediate services contact us today at (800) 682-8154 or email us at info@lovingnannies.com.