7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Make mom feel special with these 7 Mother’s Day gift ideas for kids.  

Every mom loves surprises on Mother’s Day. Now is an excellent time for kids (of all ages) to get creative with special DIY craft projects, gift ideas, and fun activities for mom to enjoy. Handmade gifts are always a favorite, but moms also LOVE spending quality time. So, don’t worry if you’re not crafty. To help kids shower their moms with love, here are some fun Mother’s Day gift ideas for kids! Nannies can spend time helping the children prepare for mom’s special day.

1. Handmade coupon book that never expires

Create a coupon book with no expiration dates. We put this idea first because it is our favorite and is entirely free. All you need is paper and crayons and you can create a gift that keeps on giving. Mom will love it and be able to use them whenever she wants. Remember, get creative and customize the coupon book to things mom would want! Some fun ideas for coupons include

  • One free backrub for 10 minutes
  • One free car wash
  • 30 minutes of quiet time 

2. Set up a Mother’s Day at-home spa

Every mom wants to get pampered! Make Mother’s Day special for mom by finding stuff around the house to use. Pull up a chair and plan a relaxing spa day at home that she deserves. Some ideas for a spa day are

  • Manicure and pedicures (paint her nails!)
  • Hair and makeup makeover
  • Calming bath
  • Facial mask 

3. Handmade crafts are a favorite

  • Handmade Mother’s Day card. Construction paper is always a go-to. If you’re not sure what to make pop-up cards are fun and creative. Here are 18 handmade Mother’s day cards every kid can make.
  • Paint a self-portrait. You can also paint a special rock for mom. Maybe her favorite animal or simply hearts.
  • Make a fun video or photo collage. Turn into a director shoot a video that shows mom how much she is loved. Find mom’s favorite photos and make a collage she can keep in her room (or at work).

4. Write a poem or song and perform it

Roses are red; violets are blue, kids are the cutest when they perform it too! Writing poems is fun and educational for the kids. Teach them rhymes and be creative with the performance. Dress up in mom’s favorite outfit, make props, and set up a chair, so she has a theater-like experience. Mother’s Day poem generator.

5. Handpick a flower bouquet 

Buying flowers for Mother’s Day is always an option. Or kids can pick the flowers themselves from around the neighbor, nearby park, or even in your backyard. Show mom how much they love her and add custom handmade charms to tie around the flowers. You can also decorate a flower pot for some extra creative fun! 

6. Get creative in the kitchen

Make mom’s favorite meal or help the kids come up with an original recipe. Make it extra special by making up a name for it and adding it to the family recipe book. Here are 15 Mother’s Day brunch dishes kids can actually make. Some ways to make Mother’s Day meals extra special include

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Heart shaped pancakes
  • Bake a special cake

7. Let the kids be the teacher

Does mom like yoga, dancing, working out, or meditating? Show her how much you care and prepare a session she won’t forget. She will appreciate you taking the time to learn her favorite activity too. 

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend” – Unknown

A mother’s influence stays with children all their lives. Luckily, these Mother’s Day gift ideas for kids provide an excellent opportunity for kids to show appreciation, gratitude, and love for all the things mothers do for their children every day.