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When you’re ready to begin a personalized nanny search, just contact us at (800) 682-8154 . Your Loving Nannies family representative will walk you through the nanny finding process, and get you ready to start interviewing prospective nannies. We will make sure that you only interview nannies that match your specific criteria, price range and other requirements, so that your job is simple and easy! Just sit back, pick the nanny you like and she can start within a few days!

Loving Nannies charges an upfront application fee of $250 to begin a nanny search. We do not charge the placement fee until you have tried out your nanny and are 100% sure that you’d like to move forward with hiring. All placements come with a 6 month guarantee, so if your nanny leaves for any reason you are covered.

Take a look at our competitive placement fees.

Part-time Caregiver (under 24 hours/week)               $2,500

Full-time Caregiver (over 25 hours/week)                   $3,500

Live-in Caregiver or Nanny Housekeeper                   $4,500

Regular Babysitter (under 10 hours/week                  $1500

Newborn Care Specialist (NCS)                                    25% of nanny’s gross pay or flat fee determined by owner.

Temporary Nanny or Babysitter                                   $1,000 per month

* Overnight newborn specialists and temporary nanny fees may be substituted for a flat fee determined by the owner. Please inquire within for a quote. The minimum fee for any nanny placement over one month is $2,000.

All nannies and babysitters undergo a thorough background check upon hire. The Loving Nannies background check includes a SS# verification check, National criminal and sex offender search, county criminal searches in the main counties the nanny has resided at during the past 7 years (going off the nanny’s social security number) and DMV report. Nannies are also given registration information for Trustline.

Here are the current nanny rates in San Diego County. Nanny wages vary depending on the nanny’s experience as well as different factors such as how many children will be cared for, job duties and how many hours they nanny will be working. Nannies do expect to be paid a gas allowance if they are driving the children to/from activities.

Nannies- $23-$30/hr (currently the going rate is ~$25/hr for 1 child)

Live-in Nanny, Housekeeper or Nanny/Housekeeper – $800-$1400/wk + room/board (based on 40-50 working hours/week, depending on living arrangements, for example: separate apartment or room inside home).

Nanny/Housekeeper- $1000-$1400/wk (depending on how much housekeeping is needed and other factors such as driving, number of children and other household management responsibilities).

Newborn Care Specialist-$30-$35/hr for one baby & $45-$55/hr for multiples or special needs.

Babysitters – $25-$35/hr (4 hour minimum)

Temporary Nannies-$25-$35/hr (4 hour minimum)

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