Entertaining San Diego Babysitter Ideas

Babysitting for a few hours and need some fun ideas to keep the kids from getting bored? Besides the usual tricks like Playdough, cars, and legos, we’ve compiled some San Diego babysitter ideas to keep the kids entertained, your sanity intact, and the parents so happy, you’ll be asked to come back.

Some San Diego Babysitter Ideas

  1. Play a game. Some favorites include Simon Says, I Spy, Red Light, Green Light, Try Not to Laugh, and of course, Hide and Seek.
  2. If the weather is nice and it is okay with the parents, babysitters and kids can enjoy a nice walk outside to a nearby park to play and get out some energy. If your stuck at home, grab a ball and go in the backyard for some fun.
  3. Kids love balloons. So why not play balloon volleyball. It’s great when you’re stuck inside because babysitters don’t have to worry about breaking anything.
  4. Crafts, Crafts, Crafts! Warning, crafts can get messy so make sure you always clean up afterwards and ask permission to use paints and markers. For younger children, finger-painting with edible products, like pudding or yogurt can be fun. Older children like cutting shapes out of cookie dough and baking their creations. Preparing a craft idea a head of time can definitely make your life easier, but it’s not necessary. Another fun idea is creating a puppet show. I could go on forever on this.
  5. Make reading a story an adventure. Set up a fort using blankets and pillows and cozy up with a favorite book. Find ways to change up the story to boost imagination and excite future reading.
  6. Playing with musical instruments is a sure way to avoid getting bored. Ask the parents if they have any around the house. If they don’t, you can get creative with pots and pans or other things around the house that make silly and fun noises. Why not have a dance contest while you’re at it?
  7. Give the kids a new adventure and prepare a scavenger hunt. Create clues to hidden surprises with a treasure map. With Easter right around the corner, turn your scavenger hunt into an Easter egg hunt!

So many ideas so little time

It goes without saying that staying away from the TV is important. Babysitters should always be engaging. Do something creative or active with the kids. Some babysitters who babysit regularly have fun toys they can bring with them. Remember, if you’re not sure about something, always ask the parents for permission.  Finally, parents don’t like to come home to a messy house so always clean up after having fun.