San Diego Nannies Celebrate Women’s History Month

San Diego Nannies Celebrate Women’s History Month with kids in a variety of different ways.

Stop by the Women’s Museum of California located in San Diego near Liberty Station to learn about empowering women over the centuries. With art, traveling, and digital galleries, kids can explore the many exhibits they have to offer. They also provide free tours twice a month (with paid admission to their gallery) where kids can get inspired by notable women throughout history.

Read an inspiring book about women who have made a difference. Social Justice Books provides a list of books worthy of reading. Want to know a cool fact? Mary Hodgson (1876-1962) was the nanny who looked after the Llewelyn Davies boys. Ring a bell? They are the five real life boys who inspired the characters of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys!

San Diego Nannies and parents can create fun Women’s History Month activities for kids. There are some very important women that should definitely be celebrated like Jane Addams who is the first women to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize or Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space! There are so many amazing women out there so let’s take time to celebrate them!