The San Diego Nanny & Family Work Relationship

The San Diego Nanny & Family Work Relationship

Communicating with your San Diego Nanny is Key-

To establish a working relationship with your San Diego nanny, communication is key. Every aspect of your working relationship requires communication. It’s necessary when creating the nanny contract, expressing responsibilities and maintaining trust. Having great communication between one another helps foster an environment where issues are resolved quickly and misunderstanding are rare. It’s essential to use your communication skills when creating your nanny contract as well.

Establish a Nanny Contract-

Establishing a nanny contract can start at the interview process. This is a great time to feel each other out, understand each other’s needs and be flexible with each other. Once you have decided a mutual agreement, creating a contract can help foster a good working relationship. The nanny contract is a crucial part of your relationship because it is where you state the duties and responsibilities (along with any other important information that your nanny needs to know). It is necessary to be clear on the terms and conditions, being as detailed as possible in the nanny contract. Examples of things to put in a the nanny contract include salary, hours, daily routes, routines, job responsibilities and much more. Also, outlining the importance of specific necessities for families and nannies helps establish a great working relationship between the San Diego nanny and family. Click here for Loving Nannies’ sample nanny contract.

Establish Trust-

Another important way to establish a working relationship with your San Diego Nanny is to have trust. Parents need to know that they can trust the nanny that will be looking after their children. Luckily, Loving Nannies provides in-person interviews, identity and work status verification, verifies work history/job experience along with CPR/First Aid, speaks with references and runs a thorough background check . Even with all of this, a parent should also listen to their gut. Creating a climate of trust within your working relationship is essential for yourself, your nanny and your children. Communicating thoughts, feelings, and routines of the day can help build trust and will help nourish and establish a great working relationship with your San Diego Nanny.

In Conclusion-

Communication is key and trust is essential in maintaining a working relationship with your San Diego nanny. Clear communication between a family and their nanny establishes trust and respect. Remember, a nanny’s job is to help, not cause more unnecessary stress. While your at work or away from home, a nanny can be clear of your family’s needs, giving you a sense of relief. . Lastly, when you establish a working relationship with your San Diego nanny, it can help foster a positive environment for not only your nanny and yourself, but also for your children.